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National Security Alliance provide Retail Security Services that are perfectly suited for Protecting Your Customers, Enhancing Shopping Experiences, Providing Safe Workplaces and any other type of corporate event where you need they very best in security.

Protect Your Customers

Retail shrink continues to plague Australian retailers to the tune of approx. $2.7 billion per year; with almost 70% of this shrinkage coming from shoplifting and employee theft. At National Security Alliance (NSA) we assist our retail clientele to adopt strategies to minimise loss, utilising technologies, people, and processes. Shrinkage is best tackled from a multi-dimensional approach, where deterring the crime from happening is given as much priority as the detection and apprehension of offenders committing the crime.

The retail environment is an ever-changing one and as such it requires trained and experienced staff that are able to assimilate seamlessly and react swiftly and decisively whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism. The NSA can offer this level of service and expertise.

Provide Safe Workplaces

National Security Alliance (NSA) retail security officers are not only trained loss prevention specialists, but can also adapt to multiple security and safety situations that have the potential to occur in a retail environment. Assisting in the management of evacuations for fire and bomb threats, dealing with medical emergencies, directing traffic where required, handling disgruntled customers, investigating damage to property, and providing support to the relevant authorities in the case of common assault are all circumstances that security officers are often called upon to deal with in a retail environment; outside of their primary role of loss prevention.

NSA ensure that all retail security officers are trained to deal with such situations, maintaining a composed presence of mind, and wherever possible, employing practices and actions that deter or delay situations from occurring.

Enhance Shopping Experiences

The National Security Alliance (NSA) adopts an integrated approach to retail security where technology is utilised to assisted manned services to be most effective. We source and provide a number of specific electronic security solutions suitable for retail environments.

The NSA can also assist in formulating and implementing site specific security processes and procedures, and offer employee training where necessary to ensure that all personnel feel safe and secure in their working environment.

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